MLC Alliance

Current Members:





The MLC Alliance is a group of organizations around the country that stand behind the MLC and its principles in the cornhole industry. 


The MLC Alliance creates a network of cooperating cornhole companies that stand behind better business etiquette. This includes better pay for players and less exploited manufacturers. The Alliance will be mutually beneficial for all parties. Major League Cornhole will stand behind these organizations and help promote their company through different marketing strategies.


The MLC is dedicated to ensuring that all of those involved in the cornhole community should be treated equitably, and with respect. We believe that when companies and manufacturers benefit, players benefit, and in turn, the community as a whole, benefits. We want to help create and nurture a new environment for the way that the cornhole industry operates. Where players are paid a better wage for their time, effort, and skills. Where manufacturers and companies are not exploited for their goods and services, and where the cornhole community, from the pros to the average backyard enthusiast, can grow to unprecedented levels. 


  1. MLC: The league will promote and market alliance organizations through media, websites, and occasionally, products.
  2. Partnered clubs, manufacturers, and individuals should share MLC posts through their own social media pages to bring attention to the league and to the Alliance.
  3. The Alliance will not affect partnered companies' abilities to work with anyone.

Alliance Members:

Alliance members are not required to pay a fee. This is to form a group of cornhole organizations who want to grow the sport of cornhole together. This can be beneficial for connections in the industry and helping everyone come together to better the sport of cornhole.